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Launched by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation and in partnership with UCAM Murcia, Spain, the Waterfalls Global Initiative, the Department of Behavioral Rewards in the Ministry of Possibilities, and INDEX Holding, DIHAD College aims to become the first-ever college to offer an international humanitarian master’s program in Sustainable Humanitarian Action.


Using a blended learning environment, students enrolled in the program will experience the concept of blended learning, mixing both physical and virtual classroom attendance, practical training, and visit many conferences and study sessions to achieve the highest quality of learning thus empowering, promoting, and training future humanitarian entrepreneurs with sustainable mindsets while enhancing their skills.

The Program is set to start during the month of October and continue for one academic year.

Selected Students will enroll in a one-year program undertaking a total of 60 credit hours, and will be involved in a practical internship with one of DIHAD’s prestigious partners, and ultimately submit a thesis paper to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Humanitarian Action.

Teaching Methods

  • Physical lectures
  • Online lectures
  • Seminars
  • Practical internship
  • Study visits
  • Conferences


  • Introduction: Be a Positive Global Citizen (20%)
  • Humanitarian Actions (60%)
  • About DIHAD Foundation (20%)
ECTS: 5 ECTS Delivery Method: Physical
  • Economy in the Humanitarian Field (50%)
  • Sustainable Humanitarian Mindset (50%)
ECTS: 6 ECTS Delivery Method: Online
  • International Humanitarian Organisations (50%)
  • International Humanitarian Law & Ethics (50%)
ECTS: 4 ECTS Delivery Method: Physical
  • 4th Industrial Revolution (20%)
  • Utilizing Technology in Humanitarian Field (37.5%)
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Theory of Change (20%)
  • Innovation in Humanitarian Field (37.5%)
ECTS: 8 ECTS Delivery Method: Online
  • The Power of Soft Power (50%)
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy and Peace Making (50%)
ECTS: 6 ECTS Delivery Method: Online
  • Leadership in Humanitarian Field (50%)
  • Etiquette and Protocol in Humanitarian Field (50%)
ECTS: 6 ECTS Delivery Method: Online
  • Humanitarianism Foresight and Future (33.33%)
  • Humanitarianism Strategies and Planning (33.33%)
  • Humanitarianism Management (33.33%)
ECTS: 9 ECTS Delivery Method: Online


  • Internship in a DIHAD  Partner


Delivery Method: Physical


  • Election, preparation and VIVA of the Master’s Thesis


Delivery Method: Physical

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must have obtained, a Bachelor’s degree program with a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0.
  • Candidates are required to have a recognized qualification in the English language for example a score of 6.0 in IELTS or an equivalent of 500 in TOFEL.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in the humanitarian field or a minimum of 2000 certified volunteering hours in the humanitarian field.
  • All qualified applicants must pass a personal interview with the committee.
  • Letter of recommendation.
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